TITUSVILLE, FL. – (AUGUST 8, 2017) – Rocket Crafters, Inc. (RCI) and Coastal Steel Manufacturing, today announced a partnership to facilitate the development of RCI’s Hybrid Rocket Engine (HRE) D-DART.  Coastal Steel Manufacturing plans to provide access and use of its adjacent property to its primary facility to Rocket Crafters for test firing its D-DART.

Coastal Steel Manufacturing, LLC, located in Cocoa, Florida specializes in rapid response manufacturing, fabrication and field service to a wide range of space, aerospace, and defense clients across the globe.  “Our partnership with Coastal Steel is another important step in becoming a primary launch services provider,” said Sean Mirsky, Rocket Crafters Board of Directors member and Finance Committee Chair.    

Rocket Crafters is working together with Coast Steel Manufacturing to set in motion regular HRE test fires, which are expected to begin this quarter.

About Rocket Crafters, Inc.

Rocket Crafters, Inc. (RCI)  is developing a new way to deliver space access.  Based in Titusville, Florida, RCI was co-founded in 2010 by Chief Technologist Ron Jones who was granted a patent in 2016 for his breakthrough invention of a 3D manufacturing method for solid fuel grain for hybrid rocket propulsion.   Veteran owned RCI is launching a new era for the Hybrid Rocket Engine (HRE) their proprietary D-DART.  Through its launch vehicle Intrepid-1™, the first in a family of low-cost launch vehicles, RCI intends to provide safe, reliable and affordable launch services that deliver Small Satellite payloads to precise orbits.  For more information visit www.rocketcrafters.com or visit us on Twitter @rocket_crafters or on Facebook at @rocketcraftersinc.

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