Reflecting their Cold War military heritage, legacy launch vehicles were designed for performance first with safety, cost, and reliability as secondary considerations. Think of a Lamborghini and you have the picture. Consistent with our mission to make access to space more affordable, safer, and more accessible, the Intrepid-1 family of launchers and the rocket engines that will power them are being designed for cost first, with safety and reliability as near equals in importance. Performance, although important, is not our key priority. Intrepid launchers are being designed for all-around utility and cost-effectiveness.

Beginning with Intrepid-1, with the first launch planned for 2019, Rocket Crafters plans to develop XL and XL+ variants to support an even broader spectrum of customer payload and space destinations.

Leveraging its readily scalable, breakthrough hybrid rocket technology, Rocket Crafters is the only launch service company capable of offering its customers custom space access solutions for under $24,000/kg payload wet mass and lead times of less than 6 months.

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