Our Company

Rocket Crafters Inc. (RCI) is an aerospace growth company, operating from Florida’s Space Coast, uniquely postured to revolutionize space access.

RCI has developed and patented a hybrid-rocket engine, to include conducting over 30 successful sub-scale hybrid-rocket engine tests during 2018. RCI’s hybrid-rocket engine is: Safe, Throttlable, Affordable, Reliable , and 3D printed (STAR-3DTM).

RCI is under contract by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to conduct 5000-pound thrust, hybrid-rocket engine tests, beginning March 2019.

RCI’s first rocket launch is scheduled for December 2019.

RCI has launch sites selected at Cape Canaveral, FL in coordination with, and in support of Space Florida, the single point of contact for all space-related functions for the state of Florida. RCI has grants endorsed by Space Florida, submitted for approval, to begin construction of RCI’s Production Facility during 2019. RCI is in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration for launch licensing.

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