While other rocket companies have their sights set on lofty goals of colonization and manned flight, ours are closer to home. We want rocket launches to be safe as an airline flight and cost a fraction of the price of a current launch. We’ve accomplished that with our patent-pending STAR-3D hybrid rocket engines. We’re well on our way to making our dream a reality. Just since Spring 2017, we’ve accomplished:
  • 38 successful sub-scale engine tests – zero failures
  • A US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to conduct 5000lbf hybrid-rocket engine tests (first test scheduled Summer 2019)
  • Numerous Letters of Intent from small-scale satellite companies to place their satellites into orbit, equating to tens of millions of dollars in revenue
  • FDOT grant applications endorsed by Space Florida for construction of our production facility in 2019 Selected launch site at Cape Canaveral, FL
We’re currently raising $5.7M in Series A Preferred Stock to commercialize our STAR-3D hybrid-rocket engines. With this full funding, we can complete prototyping of our engines, accomplish our DARPA testing, and launch our first sounding rockets.

"We've Redefined Rocket Science"

It’s simple. The biggest and most expensive hurdle in space launch is the rocket engine. Liquid rockets are complex, unreliable and expensive – hence the term, “This isn’t rocket science.” Solid rockets can’t be throttled and need special handling to prevent premature detonation.

Hybrids have long been known to be the answer, but no one could get them to work reliably. Over the decades, scientists have experimented with different materials and different manufacturing methods, but we’ve cracked the code!

Our unique 3D printing technology (patent pending) creates a solid fuel grain that burns smoothly and reliably every time. As for the materials, we use nitrous oxide and ABS plastic – or, as our engineers say, “Laughing gas and Legos.”


Why the STAR-3D Hybrid Rocket Engine is a Star Among Engines



Can you transport a rocket motor in a pickup?  How about on an airplane?  We can and we do!  But when combined under specific conditions, we create the explosive thrust to reach orbit.



You have complete control from startup to shut down. Enjoy the flexibility of liquid engines with the power of solid boosters and the safety of hybrid technology.



Our rocket motors cost a fraction of any solid or liquid engine. With Rocket Crafters for launch, you can put your budget into your real interest – your satellites or experiments.



Consistent, smooth, powerful burns time after time. We’ve not had a bad test yet. And with fewer moving parts needed for a hybrid, there’s less that can go wrong on launch day.

About the Company

No matter how good the technology is, a strong company depends on excellent people. Founded in 2010, Rocket Crafters Incorporated (RCI) has gathered a team of the brightest engineers along with space and missile experts in the civilian and military worlds and even an astronaut. Located in Cocoa, Florida, Rocket Crafters is the first and only rocket motor company to be allowed a testing facility within city limits. (How’s that for trust in our technology?)


RCI is taking rocket technology where no one has gone before. Here are just a few ways we’re changing the game:

  • The coolest motors, hot off the printers. With 3-D printing, our solid components guarantee a smooth burn every time.
  • Truly “Green” launch. Yes, we are eco-friendly. Our burn process converts plastic into steam.
  • Prices to match your priorities. You want to put your money into the what matters – your satellites or experiments. Our launches cost a fraction of our competitor’s prices.

Let’s Fuel the Future Together


Join us on the launch pad – now’s a great time to invest. Contact Sean Mirsky

Need a Sounding Rocket?

We’re planning a sounding rocket test for late summer 2019 and exploring additional sounding rockets. If inexpensive sounding rockets interest you, contact us at info@rocketcrafters.com

Book a Launch

First launch of the Intrepid-1 is planned for Q3 2020.

Get the Payload Guide – contact us at info@rocketcrafters.com

About Rocket Crafters

Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly launch services that revolutionize access to space and make it available to the rapidly growing small satellite market.  We will accomplish this with Intrepid-1™, the world’s first mass-producible, ‘launch-on-demand’ small satellite launcher.

In 2017, we were awarded a DARPA research contract to develop and test large-scale hybrid rocket motors.

Our technology has been featured in Newsweek and on The Discovery Channel.

Meet the Officers

What happens when you get an Astronaut, a Top Gun, a Rocket Scientist and some Tech/Finance guys in the same room?  Let us introduce you to some of the Team.

Sid Gutierrez, Chairman of the Board: What’s a rocket company without a Steely-eyed Rocket Man? Sid has logged time in orbit as a space shuttle Pilot and Mission Commander. Sid was a Colonel in the USAF and Center Director of Sandia National Laboratories overseeing a variety of disruptive space technologies.  Sid saw the potential in Rocket Crafters’ technology and retired from Sandia to become our CEO and Chairman of our Board of Directors.

Grant Begley, CEO: Grant is an experienced aerospace industry executive.  He served in the Navy as DoD Director of Stealth, Counter Stealth-Technology, Policy & Advance Programs; at Lockheed Martin as Director of Advanced Concepts; at Raytheon as Senior Director Mission Systems Integration; and at Alion as Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief of Business Development.  Grant brings his expertise in developing successful national space programs from concept to operations.

Rob Fabian, President:  A retired Air Force Colonel and Rand Fellow, he has in-depth knowledge of space and missile systems as well as a proven track record managing the personnel, constrained budgets, and highly complex processes that are crucial in bringing RCI’s innovative new rocket motors to market on-time and on-budget.  Rob’s been excited about RCI since he first heard about them while still on active duty, and traded a comfortable retirement in Utah for the adventure of launching rockets.

Paul Larsen, CFO, Treasurer:  Business isn’t rocket science, but contracting, proposals and organization can get equally complex. Paul earned his MBA from Harvard and has over 30 years’ experience in the Air Force contracting field. He held an unlimited warrant as a contracting officer and was Chief of the Ogden Air Logistics Center Pricing and Finance Division and worked as a senior consultant, assisting companies in developing and negotiating contracts with the Federal Government.

Sean Mirsky, CIO, Finance Chair: It’s vital to have a money guy who understands the tech. Sean came from the fast paced world of High Frequency Trading where he worked as a Director at Jump Trading and Infinium Capital Management after starting his career off at Goldman Sachs.   Until he joined Rocket Crafters in 2016, he was best known for having built the lowest latency communications networks in the world for trading.  Sean lives by the statement “The solution exists, we will find it”.

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