Revolutionary STAR-3D Hybrid Rocket Engines
Powering The Future Of Space Access
Safe, Throttleable, Affordable. Reliable 3D Printed Hybrid Rocket Engines

While other rocket companies have their sights set on lofty goals of colonization and manned flight, ours are closer to home. We want rocket launches to be safe as an airline flight and cost a fraction of the price of a current launch. It’s simple. The biggest and most expensive hurdle in space launch is the rocket engine. Liquid rockets are complex, unreliable and expensive – hence the term, “This isn’t rocket science.” Solid rockets can’t be throttled and need special handling to prevent premature detonation. Hybrids have long been known to be the answer, but no one could get them to work reliably. Over the decades, scientists have experimented with different materials and different manufacturing methods, but we’ve cracked the code! Our unique 3D printing technology (patent pending) creates a solid fuel grain that burns smoothly and reliably every time. As for the materials, we use nitrous oxide and ABS plastic – or, as our engineers say, “Laughing gas and Legos.”

Redefining Rocket Science
Our patented design and manufacturing process is revolutionary in ways that other companies simply cannot compete in. In a short period of time, we’ve created a method that scales from 125 lbf engines all the way to 5000 lbf engines and beyond.
Our fuel manufacturing process uses 3D printing technology to print the fuel and engine as one and the same. This allows our engines to be smooth burning and replicated time after time. Our hybrid rocket engines are simple and contain minimal moving parts.
With minimal touch labor and an ever improving throughput provided with 3D printing, our engines are a fraction of the cost of traditional rocket engines, and can be produced in a far greater capacity and speed than our leading competitors.
42 successful sub-scale engine tests – zero risk of dangerous explosions or ecologically toxic emissions. Our engines have a zero TNT equivalency which means that from a safety standpoint, the choice is clear. Our engines just cannot explode.
Our professional services
Redefining Rocket Science & Revolutionizing Space Access
Intrepid 1 Rocket launching into space from Earth's surface

Rocket Crafters is currently developing, testing, and prototyping the most advanced Hybrid Rocket Engine ever produced, providing smoother thrust and more consistent performance than any previous hybrid engine ever fired. Known as STAR-3D™ hybrid engines, Rocket Crafters’ proprietary engine design is Safe, Throttleable, Affordable, Reliable, and 3D Printed. 

“We Print Rocket Fuel”

Rocket Crafters active rocket engine test burn with throttling flame

With the inaugural launch of the Intrepid-1™ we will be beginning our full launch services. Intrepid-1™ will serve the small to medium satellite market, specializing in companies that require satellites delivered safely, reliably, and in a cost effective manner to low earth orbit.

We are accepting reservations now, please contact us at for a payload guide.

We set the pace
and break the limits

We’re currently raising $5.7M in Series A Preferred Stock to commercialize our STAR-3DTM hybrid-rocket engines. With this full funding, we can complete prototyping of our engines, accomplish our DARPA testing, and launch our first series of suborbital rockets!

More about Rocket Crafters

Can you transport a rocket motor in a pickup? How about on an airplane? We can and we do! But when combined under specific conditions, we create the explosive thrust to reach orbit.


You have complete control from startup to shut down. Enjoy the flexibility of liquid engines with the power of solid boosters and the safety of hybrid rocket engine technology.


Our rocket motors cost a fraction of any solid or liquid engine. With Rocket Crafters for launch, you can put your budget into your real interest – your satellites or experiments.


Consistent, smooth, powerful burns time after time. We’ve not had a bad test yet. And with fewer moving parts needed for a hybrid, there’s less that can go wrong on launch day.

The leader in space flight innovation.

The forefront of space innovation.

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Helping us build the future one launch at a time.
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Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly launch services. To revolutionize access to space and make it available to the rapidly growing small satellite market.  To do this we are developing Intrepid-1™, the world’s first mass-producible, ‘launch-on-demand’ small satellite launcher.

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Phone: +1 (321) 222 0858


Address: 770 Cidco Rd. Cocoa, FL 32926

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Dale Coxwell

Dale Coxwell works in a dual capacity as both the CEO of Coastal Steel Manufacturing, LLC and the Executive Vice-President/Owner of Coastal Steel, Inc. The companies specialize in simple and complex structural, ornamental and miscellaneous steel erection and fabrication and provide services both nationally and internationally. The portfolios for both companies include NBCUniversal and Disney (world famous structures such as the Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest, Magic Kingdom Mission Space and the 90-foot tall Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney MGM Studios), as well as numerous companies in Aerospace & Defense (Lockheed Martin, NASA, and SpaceX) and Industrial Manufacturing.

Over his 35-year tenure in the industry, Dale has been integral to his companies’ receipt of many awards, which include the Jefferson Award, the US Small Business Administrator’s Award for Excellence, the Governor’s Business Expansion Award, the Key to the City of Cocoa, Florida, the Key to the City of Cape Canaveral, Florida and the 2012 Fifty Florida Companies to Watch Award.

At any one time, Dale serves on the Board or in an Advisory position with about 10 professional and community organizations.  He is a member of Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast and serves on its Industry Council. He is particularly proud of his work with the Ma-Chis Lower Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama – Economic Development Committee, and Scholarship Foundation. Dale maintains personal/corporate affiliations with AFL-CIO, SAME, SME and AISC.

Dale joined the RCI Advisory Board in August ’17.

David HosleyED.D, COL. USAF (RET)

Colonel David Hosley experienced a long and distinguished career with the United States Air Force. He started as an aviator at base level, culminating as Deputy Division Chief, Doctrine and Concepts Division, Headquarters, United States Air Force, Pentagon.

Along the way he was Director, Precommissioning Programs, Office of the Secretary of Defense as well as Assistant for Training and Education, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. In both positions he was liaison with the White House, government agencies and departments, and congressional committees.

David commanded the Air Force Leadership and Management Development Center and the Center for Professional Development. As well, he was the Program Manager for Project Warrior, the Air Force wide cultural project to get the Air Force back to its basic roots. In this role David enjoyed personally working with the Air Force’s top leadership.

Upon retirement from the USAF, he built an FAA sponsored aviation program in Miami, Florida. Following that, the University of Central Florida needed a Program Manager for managing Department of Defense contracts. He then moved to the Space Shuttle Program where he became Director of Technical Training and then Executive Development for United Space Alliance.

Dave’s relationship with RCI developed as a result of his Board position on the Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority.  He has been an Advisor to RCI since September ’13 and brings significant expertise in the area of government relations.


Grant Begley is an aerospace leader in the highly specialized fields of manned systems, unmanned systems, and robotic systems. As an aerospace executive and consultant, his work results in the enablement of next generation capabilities.  Begley is an accomplished initiator, developer, implementer and advisor of strategic planning, business development, resource obtainment, executive program management and technology insertion.

Grant, who has active security clearances, has enabled compelling new aerospace capabilities, future products and successes contributing to defense, national security and commercial applications for the federal government, Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, state governments, defense industry and the global private sectors.

Grant has successfully led the development of National Space Programs, from concept, to achieving compelling operational capabilities.

As a Certified Acquisition Executive, Grant advises global executive clients on competitive positioning, performance, and resolution of complex challenges leading to dramatic improvements.

Grant contributed to the development of the “Roadmap for U. S. Robotics 2013”, a White House initiative, as opening speaker and Team Leader. He served as Pentagon Senior Advisor – for Unmanned Systems, to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense.

In ’14 Grant became an Advisory Board Member for RCI.  He has been a member of the Executive Board since late ’15.

Michael Quatrini

Michael “Q” Quatrini is a true venture capital partner, who has extensive success in mentoring and investing in early and emerging stage companies. He brings over 20 years of experience in Portfolio Management with thorough business analytics, intensive due diligence and accurate valuation being the key to his venture capital transaction success.

He previously served as the President of Blackwood Holdings Group, and is currently concentrating his efforts as a “fundless sponsor” investing and syndicating Venture Capital projects, with several accredited and institutional investors, along with managing his family office and assisting a few other family offices to increase their returns on alternative investments.

Q joined the Advisory Board in August of 2018.

Mindy Howard, PHD

Dr. Mindy Howard earned her BS and MS in Industrial Engineering in the USA and her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands).  She founded and is the Director of Inner Space Training, a Netherlands company that develops and delivers training for commercial astronauts, to help them with psychological acclimation to the different flight phases, and optimizing conditions for creating peak performance and a peak experience in space.  Acknowledged as a Commercial Spaceflight Human Factors expert, Mindy has authored a number of publications and spoken to audiences at conferences, and to the media, on the subject.

Mindy has been an Advisor to RCI since March ’13.

Paul Kosieracki

After service as a Naval Officer, Paul Kosieracki earned an MBA in Finance from the U. S. International University. He was then employed by the Eastman Kodak Company for 30+ years, including 5 years as Executive VP and COO of Kodak Japan.  Kosieracki amassed very broad international business experience while conducting business in 40 countries managing large mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures globally.  As a Florida-licensed broker, in 2010 Paul established K&S Commercial, LLC,  which is a full service commercial brokerage company.  He presently provides consulting services, is an instructor at Eastern Florida State College (teaches courses on Business, International Business, Finance, and Entrepreneurship), and is on the Board of Directors for several privately held corporations.

Paul joined the RCI Advisory Board in early ’15.


Paul Larsen earned his BS in Engineering Management from the United States Air Force Academy, and his MBA from the Harvard School of business, specializing in Small Business Development and Small Business Operations.

Paul served for over 30 years as an Air Force and Federal Civil Service Price/Cost analyst, and a Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO); he held an unlimited warrant.

While with Air Force Material Command, Paul oversaw Contracting efforts for Minute-Man II Motor Wash-Out and Refurbishment; was Chief, Pricing and Finance Division; and President, University of Hill (Hill Air Force Base). Assignments during this time include Pricing Volume Manager for a complex $1.5b Air Force Pricing effort involving over 1,000 separate contract line items, each with four quantity ranges with firm fixed pricing for 10 years; Senior Price/Cost Analyst for major Program Depot Maintenance (PDM) contracts with European contractors to identify and repair structural and aircraft components for US jet fighter assets in the European Theater; working with several universities and colleges to improve and deliver education programs to Hill Air Force Base military and civilian employees; Pricing and Cost Analysis policy for the Command at Headquarters Air Force Material Command.

In ’10, Paul, Ron Jones, and Steve Edwards co-founded Rocket Crafters Inc. Today Paul serves as Vice Chairman and Treasurer. With his experience negotiating contracts and pricing, recruiting, managing, consulting and training government cost analysts, he brings to this position experience, leadership and focus that allows him to analyze and drive down costs to meet RCI’s financial and program goals.


Rob Fabian earned a BS in Space Operations from the United States Air Force Academy, beginning a distinguished 25-year military career in both space operations and ballistic missile maintenance.

Rob worked extensively with the Air Force’s ICBM fleets, leading field repair and sustainment efforts on both the Minuteman III and Peacekeeper missiles as well as coordinating operations between the ICBM repair depot, acquisition program office, and the supporting logistics supply chain.  As a space operations officer, his responsibilities spanned the gamut from day-to-day satellite tracking to planning and policy work at the highest levels of the government, including developing a 20-year roadmap for future space control system acquisitions and coordinating military and civil space policy issues across multiple Federal agencies.

In addition to his technical degree and extensive space and rocketry experience, Rob earned a Master of Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma and an MA in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College – Summa Cum Laude.  His work has been published in the Proceedings of the Naval Institute and Astropolitics: The International Journal of Space Politics & Policy and he spent a year as an Air Force Fellow at RAND.

After retiring from the Air Force in ’13 Rob joined Rocket Crafters’ Advisory Board as a subject matter expert in rocket motors, military acquisitions, and military space operations.  At the same time he began working with BAE Systems providing acquisition and program management assistance and advice to the Minuteman III ICBM program office, further deepening his insight into government acquisitions.

In March ’14 the company appointed Rob as Senior Vice President – Propulsion assuming responsibility for the company’s rocket engine development program.  Later that year he was appointed to the Board of Directors.  In the Spring of 2018 he was appointed as President of the company, expanding his focus to oversight of all day-to-day operations within Rocket Crafters while continuing his hands on leadership of the rocket engine development program.

Rob brings a proven track record managing the personnel, constrained budgets, and highly complex processes will be crucial in bringing RCI’s innovative new rocket motors to market.  His in-depth space operations and policy experience within the Department of Defense and across other Federal agencies will be of great help as the company continues to grow and expand its customer base.


Sean Mirsky is an expert in Macro Economic Event and Algorithmic Trading infrastructure.

He is the founder and CEO of the ZNES Group, which uses its resources to invest in forward looking “development stage” opportunities that typically have their roots in space commerce, yet have some meaningful connection to trading.

Prior to that, Sean developed and co-led the global microwave network efforts of Jump Trading as Director and Chief Architect, achieving superiority in speed between US and European Trading locations.  He also served as an embedded infrastructure specialist to key trading teams at Infinium Capital Management and Goldman Sachs.

On the Board of Directors of Rocket Crafters Inc., Sean is currently involved with commercializing patented 3D-Printed Rocket fuel and other breakthrough technologies for delivering Small Satellite (“SmallSat”) payloads to the precise orbit specified by each client.

Sean initially joined RCI’s Advisory Board, and in May ’16 was elected as a Board Member.


Sid Gutierrez earned a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy – Distinguished Graduate – and an MA in Management from Webster University. He is a graduate of the USAF Test Pilot School and has completed a number of executive management courses at UCLA, MIT and Stanford.  In the Air Force he flew the F-15, F-16, T-38 and many other aircraft while serving as a fighter pilot, test pilot, and instructor pilot.  Sid joined NASA as an astronaut in the mid-80’s and in the early ‘90’s he served as the Pilot of Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-40 Spacelab Life Sciences – SLS-1, a dedicated space and life sciences mission), and Mission Commander of Space Shuttle Endeavor (STS-59 Space Radar Laboratory  – SRL-1, part of Mission to Planet Earth). Both missions were recognized with the Aviation Week & Space Technology Laureate Award for outstanding achievement in the field of space.

Sid retired from the Air Force and NASA in ’94 and joined Sandia National Laboratories, where he served in various senior leadership positions.  As a Center Director he was responsible for programs introducing disruptive ideas and technologies into satellites, space payloads and sensors and vulnerability assessments and analysis tools.  He was responsible for a very successful half a billion dollar national security satellite system.  He led innovations in national programs including support to the nuclear fuel cycle and international efforts to reduce the threat of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Recognizing the potential of Rocket Crafters’ innovative technologies and ideas, in ’12 Sid joined RCI as a member of the Board of Directors. Committed to changing the way we access space, in February ’15 he retired from Sandia to become the CEO of Rocket Crafters and Chairman of the Board. He is responsible for working with the RCI Team to establish and implement the goals and objectives of the company.  In addition to serving on the Board of RCI, Sid serves, or has served, on the boards of other for-profit corporations and a number of not-for- profit organizations, a state technical university, NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel and a Presidential Commission.

William Macy

Bill Macy is a recognized Advanced Manufacturing expert.  His career includes being a former Boeing Phantom Works Engineer, and former Deputy Director at America Makes. Through his consulting firm, Macy Consulting, Bill is continuously pursuing the latest digital technologies to provide high quality, low cost solutions for complex manufacturing challenges.

Bill came on board as an Advisor to RCI in ’12.