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Safe, Throttleable, Affordable. Reliable 3D Printed Hybrid Rocket Engines

While other rocket companies have their sights set on lofty goals of colonization and manned flight, ours are closer to home. We want rocket launches to be safe as an airline flight and cost a fraction of the price of a current launch. It’s simple. The biggest and most expensive hurdle in space launch is the rocket engine. Liquid rockets are complex, unreliable and expensive – hence the term, “This isn’t rocket science.” Solid rockets can’t be throttled and need special handling to prevent premature detonation. Hybrids have long been known to be the answer, but no one could get them to work reliably. Over the decades, scientists have experimented with different materials and different manufacturing methods, but we’ve cracked the code! Our unique 3D printing technology (patent pending) creates a solid fuel grain that burns smoothly and reliably every time. As for the materials, we use nitrous oxide and ABS plastic – or, as our engineers say, “Laughing gas and Legos.”

This is why
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Our patented design and manufacturing process is revolutionary in ways that other companies simply cannot compete in. In a short period of time, we’ve created a method that scales from 125 lbf engines all the way to 5000 lbf engines and beyond.
Our fuel manufacturing process uses 3D printing technology to print the fuel and engine as one and the same. This allows our engines to be smooth burning and easily replicated time after time. Our hybrid rocket engines are simple and contain minimal moving parts.
With minimal touch labor and an ever improving throughput provided with 3D printing, our engines are a fraction of the cost of traditional rocket engines, and can be produced in a far greater capacity and speed than our leading competitors.
42 successful sub-scale engine tests – zero risk of dangerous explosions or ecologically toxic emissions. Our engines have a zero TNT equivalency which means that from a safety standpoint, the choice is clear. Our engines just cannot explode.
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Rocket Crafters is currently developing, testing, and prototyping the most advanced Hybrid Rocket Engine ever produced, providing smoother thrust and more consistent performance than any previous hybrid engine ever fired. Known as STAR-3D™ hybrid engines, Rocket Crafters’ proprietary engine design is Safe, Throttleable, Affordable, Reliable, and 3D Printed. 

HF 33 Dimonds

With the inaugural launch of the Intrepid-1™ we will be beginning our full launch services. Intrepid-1™ will serve the small to medium satellite market, specializing in companies that require satellites delivered safely, reliably, and in a cost effective manner to low earth orbit.

We are accepting reservations now, please contact us at for a payload guide.

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We’re currently raising $5.7M in Series A Preferred Stock to commercialize our STAR-3DTM hybrid-rocket engines. With this full funding, we can complete prototyping of our engines, accomplish our DARPA testing, and launch our first series of suborbital rockets!

More about Rocket Crafters

Can you transport a rocket motor in a pickup? How about on an airplane? We can and we do! But when combined under specific conditions, we create the explosive thrust to reach orbit.


You have complete control from startup to shut down. Enjoy the flexibility of liquid engines with the power of solid boosters and the safety of hybrid rocket engine technology.


Our rocket motors cost a fraction of any solid or liquid engine. With Rocket Crafters for launch, you can put your budget into your real interest – your satellites or experiments.


Consistent, smooth, powerful burns time after time. We’ve not had a bad test yet. And with fewer moving parts needed for a hybrid, there’s less that can go wrong on launch day.

The leader in space flight innovation.

The forefront of space innovation.

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Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly launch services. To revolutionize access to space and make it available to the rapidly growing small satellite market.  To do this we are developing Intrepid-1™, the world’s first mass-producible, ‘launch-on-demand’ small satellite launcher.

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Address: 770 Cidco Rd. Cocoa, FL 32926

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